Nico, the most notorious crime lord in the city has handpicked Kid, an aspiring young drug dealer to succeed him in taking over the streets. Kid has never known any life other than the hustling scene he has witnessed growing up in the hood – a life filled with drugs and violence where success is measured by money, cars, “ice,” loyalty and respect. By street standards, Nico is clearly on top. To Kid and the rest of his crew, simply being acknowledged by Nico is a major accomplishment, so being trusted to take over for the kingpin is the epitome of success. But to pledge his allegiance and prove that he has the guts to ascend to the thrown, Kid must first commit murder. Veteran detective Sparks has spent his career looking to take down Nico’s empire, to no avail. Sparks understands the street game all too well. Now he’s teaching his new partner and rookie, Detective Larson what he’s had to learn the hard way: in the street game, the only rules that apply are those made thugs like Nico, and you can’t always trust what you think you know. Sparks and Larson get the perfect opportunity to nail Nico to the wall when a dead body found at a bodega has the fingerprints of city’s arch nemesis all over it. But a cruel twist proves that in the deadly game being played on the streets, you may not know whose playing for which team until it’s much too late.
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