Garrett Lee Hendricks has been a professional actor and a member of SAG for 10 years.

Garrett has been featured in speaking roles on ”Law and Order,” “White Collar,” “Nurse Jackie,” and “Lights Out.” He also played the role of Tommy in the upcoming feature film “Cafe,” starring Jennifer Love Hewitt and Jamie Kennedy, both with whom he has scenes.

Garrett has also been seen onstage in the critically acclaimed Red Fern production of “Miss Evers' Boys,” as Jackie Robinson in “Stealin' Home,” and as Walker in “Two Rooms.”

Garrett plays Nico, a notorious crime lord, feared by just about everyone in the city. Nico has handpicked Kid, an aspiring young drug dealer to become his protégé. Nico has proven time and time again that he is a cold-hearted killer, but in the street game, he is the kingmaker and seemingly untouchable.
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